Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship 2016

The Woo Method to Experiencing Love with Ease and Empowering Your Man to Lead

Feeling discouraged with dating and disappointed by the guys you're meeting...?

There's a good reason why most women are discouraged with dating and end up feeling let down by guys they meet. If you relate, it's because you're experiencing one or more of these scenarios:

  • You're putting in a lot of effort and not getting the love you desire.
  • You're seeing him mostly when it's convenient for him.
  • You're sleeping with him hoping things turn into more.
  • He disappears only to keep you wondering if you'll ever see him again.
  • He's not communicating with you consistently in between the times you see each other.
  • He's not following through on what he says he going to do.

Modern dating has become an epidemic - the only option women think they have to get into relationship with single men. And since guys have become used to women pursuing them, making the plans, and doing more of the work, they're putting in less effort than they used to.

If you're feeling discourage and disappointed by how hard dating has become, here's the good news.

...Then say goodbye dating and hello courtship!

You can reverse this epidemic by saying goodbye to dating and hello to courtship. Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship is a 10-week program that will show you how to inspire the right men to step up and be the man. Through this empowered approach, your inner beauty will shine and you'll captivate a man's heart.

You'll see things clearly, learn a man’s true intentions and feelings about you early on, and be comfortable in letting things unfold naturally. This program will help you simplify love so you can relax and enjoy the love that’s meant for you.

It's time to kiss dating goodbye and say hello to courtship so you can start enjoying love! At the end of 10 weeks, the weight of not having love will be lifted off your shoulders and you'll breathe a big sigh of relief. Instead of feeling stressed about interacting with men, you'll feel relaxed and have the know-how to cultivate the space for him to pursue you for life.

By letting him be the man, you'll be the woman he wholeheartedly shares himself with. And with him, you'll find more acceptance, tenderness, and peace than you ever thought was possible. You'll realize, "This is what it's like to be truly intimate with someone." In that deeper intimacy is where love blossoms and you experience real love.

Your Instructor

Janet Ong Zimmerman
Janet Ong Zimmerman

For years, I dated men with different faces and kept getting the same dismal results in love. Like many women, I got caught up in attraction by a man’s appearance and smooth-talking words. After wasting years of my life with men and in relationships that weren’t right for me, I finally got fed up and started taking the path of courtship with men who had the potential for a lasting partnership. My journey of courtship led to higher-quality men, which led to meeting and marrying my husband.

I’ve taken the process I went through which has also helped hundreds of women, and distilled it into this course. If you’re ready to settle down and stop wasting time, or if you’ve made bad decisions about men and don’t trust yourself, Your True Love Blueprint will guide you to love with ease and clarity.

In Addition to 5 Powerful Modules of In-Depth Training and Practices, You'll Also Receive 3 Valuable Bonuses for Free

Bonus #1: Hands-On Workshop to Create Your Personal Guide to Love (Valued at $297)

It's easy to stay on track to the love you desire with a clear vision, a road map to guide you, and having your own answers to love. In this 90-minute to 2-hour virtual workshop, with my guidance and resources, you'll be creating your vision of love, defining what's most important for you to have in love, and how you most want to be feeling to move more directly to your desired love life. Then you'll learn how to use your personal guide in 2017 and beyond, so that you can finally experience real and lasting love.

Bonus #2: Access to Our Private Facebook Group (Valued at $187 - $47 per month)

You'll receive complimentary access to the private Facebook group that's only for Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship students, for 4 months. Imagine having access to me and the support and camaraderie of like-minded women who are on the same journey. This will quickly become your safe place and go-to resource for feedback as you journey to love.

Bonus #3: A Celebration of Love (Valued at $147)

Join us for a celebration of love where you'll have the opportunity to share your experience of love and ask questions after our course ends. You'll get my personal feedback and feedback from our community - all which continues to positively shift your love life.

Total Value of Your 3 Bonuses are $631


Want Proof that the Woo Method Works?

Many women think love is just meant to be hard and there's very little they can do to be empowered to have the love they truly desire. That's just not true. Here are the powerful and positive shifts my students have experienced with the Woo Method.

I'm more self-aware, self-confident and empowered.

"After the Woo Method, I'm more self-aware, self-confident and empowered. I have a greater understanding of my role in creating the relationship I want and have shifted into being a receiver. I liked the progression of skills, the opportunity for self-reflection, and most of all, the empowering words. I looked forward to each week because I was excited to explore another lesson." - Carla

I've developed a standard for men.

"Janet, I will say I am a lot stronger internally since I have taken your Woo course... It has been a good journey thus far. I have developed a standard for the type of man that will show up in my life. Although I am impatient from time to time, I've realized I can use this time to go forth in my career passions and desires to prepare myself for receiving him. I appreciate you opening up the door to all of the knowledge I have received and implemented in my life." - Denise

My guy's response is positive proof I'm on the right track.

"These lessons are "spot on" as they cover issues that I really need to explore and adjust my vision to. I’m already gaining new confidence within myself and my current relationship. What's amazing is that by following these simple adjustments, I'm being transformed from the inside out and the response by my special guy is positive proof that I'm on the right track." - Christine H.

I'm no longer emotionally dependent on men.

"Since your Woo Course, I became more open to people and have more friends than ever. I made steady and sustainable progress in gaining back my confidence and not to be emotionally dependent on any man or person. I have a long way to go and I enjoy the journey. My life is not yet turned around, but I am ecstatic with my progress and I do see a light in the tunnel…" - Tina

I ended a toxic 2-year relationship.

"As a result of the Woo Course, I began to value and love myself more. I gained confidence and self-esteem. I feel worthwhile rather than feeling like no one will ever want me. Your words and suggestions gave me the strength and power to now make my decisions based on my core values. Your words, "Choose in favor of your core values seemed to jump out at me, giving me the strength to conclude a really toxic 2-year relationship. Obviously I'm sad but I know exactly what I want and deserve now. I have to say your course is giving me a total life changing experience. Now I am in no rush; I am at peace. I suddenly have all the time in the world; I look forward to tomorrow and each tomorrow after that. Right now I just want to get used to the new me. I am so grateful to you... I feel blessed that I found you Janet... the course seemed to work its magic very early on in the first few lessons..." - Mary

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It's a 10-week program that goes from November 12 through February 4. I'll be with you every step of the way with personalized guidance and support. We'll have live group coaching and training calls with Q & A sessions that will take place online from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. Pacific time on Saturdays and Sundays, except during the weekends of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, In instances where students have a lot of questions, we may go until 10:30 a.m.
The holidays tend to be a busy time of the year. Is this a good time for me to take this course?
Despite the busyness of get-togethers with family and friends, and distraction from buying gifts, the holidays tend to be a lonely time if you're single or in a relationship that isn't right for you. The winter and end-of-year is a wonderful time for reflecting on what you most want and to learn how to finally have it. With Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship, you'll be in a better place and will get a head start on creating a solid foundation for love to thrive. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions that don’t work, you’ll be heading into 2017 with a fresh outlook, a greater level of confidence, and a knowing that love is shifting in a positive direction for you.
What if I want to enroll in this course, but can't make the live calls?
You can still enroll and receive the full benefits. The calls will be recorded and you'll receive them right after our calls take place. And in between our calls, you'll receive specific practices to implement into your life.
How long do I have access to this course?
You have lifetime and unlimited access for as long as you like - on any and all devices you own.
What if I'm taking the self-study Woo Course. Can I still enroll in this program?
Yes. Just send an email to and in the subject line put, "I Want Hello Courtship". You'll receive a code where you'll get $30 off the enrollment fee. ($29.95 was the investment for the self-study course.)
I was in your pilot program "Get Out of the Driver's Seat and Enjoy the Ride" where you mentioned our investment would be $447 instead of $497.
Yes, as a student in my pilot program, your investment is $447 and you'll also receive the three bonuses. Just email with the subject line "PP Hello Courtship" and I'll email you a code that takes $50 off.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Try Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship and if you decide this course isn't for you, let me know by December 17th and you'll receive a full refund on the amount you invested.
Have other questions?
Email Janet at

If you've been doing most of the work in your love life and not getting the love you desire, your mission should you choose to accept it is to shift from dating to courtship within 10 weeks so you can experience love with ease and empower your man to lead.

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